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Put Down Your Cigarette Rag (Don't Smoke) by Allen Ginsberg

Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke Dont smoke It's a nine billion dollar Capitalist Communist joke Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke Dont smoke

Smoking makes you cough, You cant sing straight You gargle on saliva & vomit on your plate Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke, Dont smoke smoke smoke smoke

You smoke in bed You smoke on the hill Smoke till yr dead You smoke in Hell Dont smoke dont smoke in living Hell Dope Dope Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke

You puff your fag You suck your butt You choke & gag Teeth full of crud Smoke smoke smoke smoke Dont dont dont Dont Dont Dope Dope Dope Dont Smoke Dont Dope

Pay your two bucks for a deathly pack Trust your bad luck & smoke in the sack Dont Smoke Dont Smoke Nicotine Nicotine No No dont smoke the official Dope Smoke Dope Dope

Four Billion dollars in Green 'swat Madison Avenue gets t' advertise nicotine & hook you radical brats Dont Smoke Dont Smoke Dont Smoke Nope Nope Dope Dope Hoax Hax Hoax Hoax Dopey Dope Dopey Dope Dope Dope dope dope

Black magic pushes dope Sexy chicks in cars America loses hope & smokes and drinks in bars Don't smoke dont smoke dont smoke, dont smoke dont dont dont dont dont choke choke choke choke kaf kaf Kaf Kaf Choke Choke Choke Choke Dope Dope

Communism's flopped Let's help the Soviet millions Sell 'em our Coffin-Nails & make a couple billions Big Bucks Big Bucks bucks bucks bucks bucks smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke Bucks smoke bucks Dope bucks big Dope Bucks Dig Big Dope Bucks Big Dope Bucks dont smoke big dope bucks Dig big Pig dope bucks

Nine billion bucks a year a Southern Industry Buys Senator Jesse Fear who pushes Tobacco subsidy In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Dope smokes dope smokes dont smoke dont smoke Cloak cloak cloak room cloak & dagger smoke room cloak room dope cloak cloak room dope cloak room dope dont smoke

Nine billion bucks for dope approved by Time & Life America loses hope The President smokes Tobacco votes Dont Smoke dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke Dont smoke nope nope nope nope

30 thousand die of coke or Illegal speed each year 430 thousand cigarette deaths That's the drug to fear In USA Dont smoke Dont smoke Dont smoke

Get Hooked on Cigarettes Go Fight the War on Drugs Smoke any other Weed Get bust by Government Thugs Dont smoke dont smoke the official dope

If you will get in bed & give your girlfriend head then you wont want a fag Nor evermore a drag Dont Smoke dont smoke Hope Hope Hope Hope O Please Dont Smoke Dont Smoke O Please O Please O Please I'm calling on my knees

Twenty-four hours in bed & give your boyfriend head Put something in your mouth Like skin not cigarette filth Suck tit suck tit suck cock suck cock suck clit suck prick suck it but dont smoke nicotine dont smoke dont smoke nicotine nicotine it's too obscene dont smoke dont smoke nicotine suck cock suck prick suck tit suck clit suck it But dont smoke shit nope nope nope nope Dope Dope Dope Dope the official dope Dont Smoke

Make believe yer sick Stay in bed and lick yr cigarette habit greed One day's all you need In deed in deed in deed in deed smoke weed smoke weed Put something green in between but don't smoke smoke dont smoke hope hope hope hope Nicotine dont smoke the official dope Dope Dope Dope Dope Dont Smoke Smoke weed indeed smoke grass yass yass smoke pot but not nicotine no no indeed it's too obscene put something green in between your lips get hip not square listen to my wail don't dare smoke coffin nails ugh ugh ugh ugh the government Drug official habit for Mr. Babbitt Dont smoke the official dope dope dope dope dope don't smoke Dont Smoke Dont Smoke.

~1971; May 20

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